How long do I have to return my goods?

As long as you have proof or purchase in the form of an invoice or order number, and the item has not been installed, your goods can be returned at any time*.

Do I need to arrange shipping?

No. We will arrange courier collections for any goods you wish to return.

Can I arrange my own courier?

While we do offer to arrange collection of goods to be returned you are welcome to arrange your own courier, however, you are entirely responsible for the goods until they are received at our warehouse. Prior to arranging this you must contact Furnware Group on 1300 222 600 to organise the return with our customer experience team, who will send you courier labels and a return identification document. Goods must be received to our warehouse within 7 days of a return being requested and must have our return identification label attached.

Can I deliver return goods to your warehouse in person?

No. All returns need to be made via a courier service.

How do I submit a return request?

Please contact 1300 222 600 or email with your return request

What information do you need to process my return?

  • The item code/s you wish to return
  • The quantity of each item you are returning
  • The invoice or sales order reference that the goods were purchased on.
  • Address at which the goods are located
  • Best contact person and phone number
  • Reason for return

How should I package my return?

Include the return authorisation paperwork and courier labels on top of the box, and ensure it is taped up correctly.
For example:

Can I return goods that have been installed?

No. goods can only be returned if they are in new condition and have not been installed.

What happens if my goods become damaged on the way back to you?

It is your responsibility to ensure the goods are packaged safely. We recommend you take photos of the goods while packing them and once they are packed to verify the condition they were sent in. If the goods are deemed damaged due to packaging issues you will not receive a credit for the goods. If the damage is the result of courier negligence and we have arranged the courier for you, you will still receive a credit for the goods.

Can I cancel my return?

You can cancel your return anytime up until 24hrs before the scheduled collection day. If you cancel within 24 hours prior to collection or after the collection is due to have taken place you will need to pay a $15 cancellation fee.

What happens if I’m not there when the courier arrives?

If you know you won’t be available, please let us know asap. Apart from exceptional circumstances failed collections due to stock not being ready or the site being unattended will result in a $15 change fee being applied to the order.

What happens if the courier doesn’t arrive within the expected time frame?

Please let us know asap so we can get in touch with our courier.

What happens if I forget to include the paperwork on the return?

The paperwork we provide allows us to quickly and easily process your return, allowing you to get any credits owing faster. Failure to include paperwork will result in significant processing delays or we may be unable to identify you return altogether

What happens if my returned stock is rejected?

There are a number of reasons why returned stock may be rejected;

  • The return cannot be identified - no return paperwork attached
  • The goods have not been approved for return- all returns need to be approved by our customer service team before they are sent back.
    Extra items cannot be added to a return without prior approval. Goods will not be accepted without a Return Authorisation or that are not listed on the Return Authorisation provided.

    • *Returns for goods purchased 6 months or prior, may incur a 10% restocking fee.