About us


We’ve changed our business so we’re better at helping your business.
At the Furnware Group, we know you’re looking for the best of design and innovation in cabinet hardware. We also know you need the best in price, with a lifetime warranty and a guaranteed delivery time, to make sure your work day stays hassle-free.

So, we’ve reinvigorated our business to make sure it gives you everything you need. Like you, we need to adapt to keep ahead in a dynamic, fast-changing environment.

We’ve rebranded to tell our new story and start fresh, exciting conversations with our loyal customers. Yet, we’ve retained our heritage as family-owned business, under the “Furnware” name for 30 years.
The change in name, from Furnware Dorset to the Furnware Group, means everything you liked and respected about working with Furnware stays the same, but we now offer a whole new world of innovation, creativity and ideas.

It’s more important to us than ever before that working with the Furnware Group is as simple, rewarding and hassle-free. We hope you love collaborating with us on leading-edge design ideas and innovations from around the world, sourced and made with the best products.

To make sure you get the latest products, first, fast and affordable, we have launched our INNOVATION DIVISION. This team is dedicated to scouring the planet for fresh, practical solutions and technology so you can have it first.

The Furnware Group stands proud on three pillars of commitment, as we have for 30 years:

Lifetime Warranty 
We deliver in full on time or you get 10% off 
Our satisfaction promise. If you don’t love it send it back

Bringing you latest, quality products, at the best prices is important. The new Furnware Group has been relaunched to make us better at our mission: helping your business prosper.
Let’s grow together.