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Timbermate, Putty, 500 Gram, Single Unit in Natural



Product Details

  • Water based
  • Available Colours:
    • White, Walnut, Teak (Cypress), Pine, Oak, Natural (Tinting base), Maple, Jarrah, Hardwood/Tas Oak, Ebony, Cedar (Blackwood)

Technical Information

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is TIMBERMATE toxic, flammable or harmful?
It is advisable to carry out safe work practices, as you would when working with dust. (Use an approved dust mask and safety goggles). TIMBERMATE contains no harmful ingredients and is non flammable.

Can TIMBERMATE be used externally?

No. TIMBERMATE is resoluble in water it is not advisable to use it outdoors. TIMBERMATE IS RECOMMENDED FOR INTERIOR USE. For external use, we recommend Earl’s MulTFill, Powder Putty or MulTflex Flexible Filler.

Can TIMBERMATE be used with stains and other finishes?

Yes. TIMBERMATE will take all types of known stains, coatings and colourants which can be water based, oil based, solvent or spirit based and even acid catalysed lacquers.
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