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Covid-19 Rules and Restrictions NSW

No doubt there has been some confusion around the further restrictions imposed across NSW due to the Covid-19 Delta crisis and how they will affect your business. We have collated the relevant links from the NSW Government website that will help you better understand the rules. Please see below:

What you can do in NSW

  • Follow these COVID safe measures that apply across NSW.
  • New protection and compliance rules in NSW as of Monday 23/8/21

    Covid-19 Travel Registration

    You will need to register your travel within NSW if leaving Greater Sydney, or leaving or entering an area of concern for work

  • Information about Covid-19 travel registration
  • Register your travel within NSW

    See the restrictions for where you live

    Increased Fines

    For people breaking health rules

  • Working and Business

    Covid-19 Rules and Restrictions - Other States