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Product Details

Product Details

  • Scribing Tool 
  • Its single handed use frees up one hand to steady the item you are scribing whilst reducing your body from being in a prone position. 
  • The adjustable blade height ensures an accurate marking with the ability to retrace your steps
  • The Thingamejig scribing tool is constructed with lightweight anodized aluminium so it won't rust with the blades made from highly durable Tungsten Carbide. To ensure precision results, the tool's measuring ruler has been laser cut with your choice of imperial or metric indices.
Other features include:
  • Scribes laminates, painted items, stone, soft metals, timber, veneers plus much more
  • Frees up one hand to steady yourself when scribing while standing on a ladder
  • Ability to accurately retrace your lines
  • Reduces the chipping of paint/laminate when trimming
  •  Reduces chipping when trimming across timber grain
  • Reduces your body from being in a prone position due to only requiring one hand to operate